Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Qq is for queen.


This week we are listening and looking for the letter Qq and talking about queens, kings, castles and knights- all kinds of fairy tale fun!

Our KDI of the week is Community- children participate in the community of the classroom. As we pretend to take different roles and we learn how to work together, we build community with each other.

Table Activities- Table activities this week include playing with glitter playdough and making playdough crowns, building castles with blocks, decorating cardboard castles, making royal sticker scenes, playing with playmobil castles and figures, queen and royalty coloring pages, and castle play.

Small Group Activities- This week we will make our own crowns, shields, add a Qq is for queen to our journal and making our own little castle out of paper tubes and cardboard.

Large Group Activities- Following the king or queen, finding the hidden royal jewels, catapulting to knock over our castle.

Books of the Week- We are reading "The Queen's Hat" by Steve Antony, "Saint George and the Dragon" by Margaret Hodges and "In the Castle" by Anna Milbourne.

Bible Story- This week we hear the best news ever! Jesus is risen!! Our story tells about how Mary Magdalene saw Jesus. Mary and some of the women who followed Jesus came early on Sunday morning to continue to prepare Jesus body for it's final burial. They had to do a quick job on Friday because of the Sabbath. As they were walking to the tomb, they wondered aloud who was going to move the stone out of the way. When they approached the tomb, the stone was moved and Jesus wasn't there. Mary was distraught and she fled, crying, into the garden. The  women saw the angels who told them that Jesus wasn't here, he had risen! The angels told them to go and tell the disciples what had happened. Meanwhile, Mary saw someone in the garden and approached him, thinking he was the caretaker. She begged him to tell her where they had put Jesus' body. Jesus said only one word, "Mary." When she looked up, she recognized Jesus and she fell at his feet amazed!! She called him "Teacher!" and touched his feet. Jesus told her to go and spread the news and that He would see them soon! Jesus is Risen! He is risen indeed! 

May you be comforted by the continuing joy of Easter!

Blessings on your week!

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