Thursday, July 16, 2020

Happy Summer!

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Happy Summer!!

My name is Deanna Schneck and I am the new preschool teacher at Zion. Most of you already know my husband, Bryan Schneck. He is the principal and the 6-8 grade teacher here at Zion. A little bit about me- My husband and I were married 30 years ago this June, we have 4 adult children (and one son-in-law). We have lived in the Caribbean for 14 years and Alaska for 12 years before moving to Michigan. I love teaching in the lower grades such as preschool- 2nd grade just to start and see the process of learning to read!

Mrs. Fager and I are excited to welcome you back this September! Things might look a little different, but we are so excited to do in-person learning and fun again.

The school supply list will be going out next week and there are a few different items on it than there have been in the past. This year we will not be sharing snacks. Instead, each student will bring their own snack and drink. Ideas for snacks are granola bars, pretzels, fruits and veggies, fruit snacks, jerky, a baggie of cereal, cheese chunks, yogurt,  water, juice or milk boxes. I'm sure parents are expert snack makers for their kiddos! All those make great choices! Children are still encouraged to bring a treat when it is their birthday. I will let you know if there are any allergies to be concerned about and we will figure out a safe way to share a treat or a small toy with our friends to celebrate! So, one of the supplies to get is a lunch box with a small coolpak if you would like. Also, no Kleenex at this time! Without school for the last two months, we have a closet full! If it becomes a need, I will let you know. I really like letting kids explore, so I let them experiment with things like baking soda and vinegar, food coloring, oil, noodles, oatmeal, beans, rice, etc. so, if you are able to donate any one of those things, that would be greatly appreciated!

We also may be using the church circle drive for drop off and pick up and walking to the exterior doors of the preschool room to keep ourselves separate from school. More information on covid protocols will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading! Each week, I write a blog telling what our activities will be at preschool! I will post this entire email on the blog and link the address below to see it-