Sunday, March 21, 2021

Mo Willems Author Study


This week we are going to look at books by the author Mo Willems. We will be talking about his illustrations and his stories!

This week's KDI is Reading-Children read for pleasure and information. We will compare and contrast books that we have read and decide what kind of books Mo Willems usually writes.

Table Activities- Table activities this week include giving the pigeon a bath, picking up cookies with clothespin pigeons and ducklings, Gerald and Piggie playdough, fingerpuppets, coloring bookmarks and Mo Willems coloring pages, adding a Knuffle bunny to black and white photos and playing with "cookie" playdough.

Small Group Activites- This week we practice scissors by cutting out cookies for pigeon and duckling to share, make pigeon, Gerald and Piggie with paper shapes, adding a Mo Willems page to our journals and follow directions to try to draw the pigeon.

Large Group Activities- We are doing alot of dancing this week- like Pigeon, Gerald, Piggie and ourselves!

Books of the Week- As many Mo Willems books as I can fit in!

Bible Story- Our story this week is leading up to Jesus last days here before his crucifixion and resurrection. We are talking about Palm Sunday this week- I am also sending the story of Zaccheus home. On Palm Sunday, Jesus enters Jerusalem for the last time. Jesus and his disciples are just outside Jerusalem, at the home of their friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus (whom Jesus earlier rose from the dead). Jesus and his disciples are going to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. Jesus tells his disciples to get a foal of a donkey for him to ride in to Jerusalem. The symbolism of riding a donkey means a king coming in peace. Jesus was indeed coming to make peace between God and man. As Jesus is riding the donkey, a huge crowd is gathering. Jesus has a reputation and people begin shouting, "Hosanna to the Son of David!" Hosanna means "save us". The people believe that Jesus is their savior, but from Rome, not from their sins! People line the streets, placing their coats and palm branches on the ground for Jesus to ride on! It's like a parade, everyone shouting and cheering for Jesus! The crowds love him and welcome him!! It's so much, the Pharisees corner Jesus and scold him- Tell your followers to be quiet! Jesus tells them if his followers are quiet, the very rocks will start to shout! Jesus enters to a hero's welcome and he and his disciples spend the next week in Jerusalem. By Friday, the crowds are shouting something else at Jesus- Crucify Him!  Jesus goes through all of this for us. May we welcome him into our lives and hearts always! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!

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