Sunday, March 14, 2021

Kk is for kangaroo.


This week Kk is for kangaroo! We are going to look at the letter Kk, kangaroos and the other animals that live on the island continent of Australia.

The KDI for the week is geography. Children recognize and interpret features and locations in their environments. We will look at features in Australia, deserts, coral reefs, grasslands and see what we have in Michigan that is like Australia.

Table Activities- This week our table activities include decorating boomerangs, Australia sensory bin, aboriginal art, kangaroo stamp painting, coloring Australian animals, matching model animals with animal cards, decorating our pockets and coloring Australia.

Small Group Activities- We are going to paint a kangaroo shape in the aboriginal style, rock art, add Kk is for kangaroo to our journals and decorate some aboriginal clapping sticks.

Large Group Activities- Australian animal action dice, kangaroo hop, pocket relay and dancing to Australian music with our clapping sticks.

Books of the Week- "Over in Australia: Amazing Animals Down Under" by Marianne Berkes and "Marsupial Sue" by John Lithgow are our books this week.

Bible Story- This week our story is another parable that Jesus told his followers. It is part of three stories Jesus told about seeking the lost. The first story is about a shepherd who had 100 sheep and lost 1. He left the 99 and sought everywhere to find the one missing sheep. When he found it, he rejoiced greatly! The second story is about a woman who had 100 coins and she lost one. She swept the house top to bottom until she found the one missing coin. 

Then Jesus tells the story of the lost son. No inanimate object, this son became lost on purpose. There were two sons whose father was a wealthy farmer. The younger son was unhappy living on the farm and asked his father for his inheritance, before the father was even dead. The father, seeing how unhappy his son was and there was no changing his mind, gave his son his inheritance. The son went into the city and spent his money on riotous living. Finally, the money was gone and so were the friends that had come with it. The son was broke and alone, no one to offer him a bed or a meal. He decided to beg for a job and finally found one feeding pigs.

Meanwhile, the father never forgot his son and was constantly on the watch to see if he would find his way home. The older son faithfully worked, in his heart he believed he was obviously the better son. He didn't leave his father in the lurch, he worked hard every day. 

The younger son looked at the pods he was feeding the pigs one day and realized he was so hungry, even the pig's food looked appetizing. He made the decision to go home. He was sure that his father wouldn't give him the privilege to be his son again, but knew that his father's servants were treated well. Maybe his father would let him be a servant in his household. The young son started to make his way home.

While he was still a long way off, the father saw him coming and ran out to meet him. When they met, the son knelt at the feet of the father, begging him to take him on as a servant. His father lifted him up and hugged him and welcomed him home. He told his servants to bring out his robe and his ring and kill the fatted calf- his son who was dead was alive!! Let's celebrate!!

The older son, working hard, came home when the party was already going. He was incensed! What is this? I work hard for you every day and I don't even get a goat to share with my friends and this brother who has wasted everything you gave him gets welcomed home with a party? The father tells him, all this is yours, you never asked for anything. Be glad and rejoice that your brother is found! 

How this speaks to all of us, whether lost or found! God will welcome us home always! But if we've never strayed and feel like God owes us for being faithful- he will give us what we need and ask for. He is gracious and generous! Be happy and rejoice when the lost are found!

Have a wonderful week!

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