Saturday, February 6, 2021

Vv is for Valentines!


This week we will be celebrating Valentine's Day and listening for the letter Vv. 

We will be having a low key Valentine's party on Wednesday, February 10th. I sent home a list of names for each class, I will email them again along with the blog link! We will play some games and deliver Valentines, we will eat our own snacks still and enjoy time together!

I don't know how long we will be going outside this week because of the predicted cold weather- we will still attempt to have a ten to fifteen minutes of fresh air at the end of each day!

Our KDI for the week is Art- Children express and represent what they observe, think, imagine, and feel through two- and three-dimensional art. We will be having a chance to create lots of different art this week with various mediums. There are always opportunities to create and craft every day!

Table Activites- Our table activities this week include Valentine's sensory bins in oatmeal, painting/ stamping with heart cookie cutters, Valentine's slime and playdough, coloring a wooden heart, hole punching heart, Valentines coloring pages and foam heart decorating.

Small Group- We will be decorating our own Valentines bag, adding Vv is for Valentines to our journal, our Valentines party and painting a large heart shape with watercolors.

Large Group- A Valentines "Simon Says" , Cupid's balloons, Valentines games and bean bag songs.

Books of the Week- "Click, Clack, Moo I Love You" by Doreen Cronin, "Slugs in Love" by Susan Pearson and "How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?" by Jane Yolen.

Bible Story- This week's story is about Jesus Calming the Storm. Jesus had been preaching, teaching and healing all day and was exhausted. He and his disciples were sailing across to the other side of the Sea of Galilee and as soon as Jesus got into the boat, he put his head down and was asleep. As they were sailing, a violent storm came up! The disciples were worried at first and then terrified. They weren't inexperienced when it came to the sea, four out of twelve of them were fishermen. This storm made them fear for their lives. Jesus slept through it all! Finally, the disciples shake him awake- Don't you care that we might drown??!!  Jesus turns to the storm, puts up his hands and says "Peace! Be still!" and immediately the storm stops. Not a gradual dying down, just stops. He turns and looks at his disciples, disappointed! Do they have such small faith? They have seen him do miraculous things, why did they doubt he knew their fear and they would be taken care of? They, on the other hand, whispered "Even the winds and the rains obey him!" Jesus created it, it obeys him. How often do we worry or despair- Does God even care or know how desperate my situation is? Why isn't he doing something? Trust Him- he is doing what is best for you! God's got it, we need to let it go!! Pray for peace and trust that the one who created the stars, has you in his hands and he will not let you go!

Pictures from our week of winter woods fun and spirit week!

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