Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mornings of crafts and afternoons of pets


Since this is a short week, we are using it to expand on popular play subjects in each class. 

The morning class has been into crafting, lots of glue, paper, sequins, cutting and tape. The afternoon class has been into playing puppies and kittens, building houses and bringing food to their puppies and kittens.

The KDI for the week is Engagement- Children focus on activities that interest them. Throughout the week, each class will be given the opportunity to engage and expand their play in these areas that seem to interest them already.

AM Class 

Table Activities- This week table activities include building with popsicle sticks and glue, painting and using glitter, making sculptures with noodles, beads, pipe cleaners and buttons, construction paper and glue.
Small Group Activities- We will sculpt with model magic and make a multi media collage on cardboard.

Large Group Activities-  Move to music with rhythm sticks and scarves.

Books of the Week-  "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds and "Harold and the Purple Crayon" by Crockett Johnson

PM Class

Table Activities- Vet and Pet Shop Dramatic play centers, pet coloring pages and playdough with pet and dog bone cookie cutters.

Small Group Activities- Add "My Pet" to our journals and make houses for our little pets.

Large Group Activities- Animal Action songs and music movement

Books of the Week- "Not Norman" by Kelly Bennett and "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" by Norman Bridwell.


Bible Story- This week we hear the story of the daughter of Jairus. Jairus was a ruler  in Jerusalem and he was a father. His daughter became ill and the doctors and healers could do nothing to save her. He heard that Jesus was in town and desperately went to get him. As Jesus followed him through the streets, a crowd followed too and by the time they reached Jairus' home, it was too late. The girl was dead. Jairus was told not to bother the teacher anymore, the mourners were there, weeping and crying, the girl was dead. Jesus told Jairus not to listen to them, she wasn't dead, but merely sleeping. At that, the mourners laughed and made fun of Jesus, he didn't know what he was talking about. Jesus took Jairus and his wife and his disciples, Peter, James and John into the room where the girl lay. He took the girl's hand and said, "Little girl, get up!" And she did! He told her mother to get her something to eat and instructed them all not to go and tell everyone what they had seen. Jesus had compassion on this father and showed love by raising his little girl from the dead. The disciples were amazed also. Jesus wanted the people to listen to his words, not just follow him for his miracles! More and more proof that Jesus is God, but it is faith, not proof, believing in what cannot be seen, trusting in His promises and words, that save us. What blessings we have to be able to read the stories of God in his Word!

Some pictures from our Valentines week-

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